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Aug. 28th, 2010


Victorian Antiques

Europe is the second smallest continent, but it is known for its sophisticated appeal among all nations in the world and for its captivating history. The countries in Europe usually symbolize royalty, elegance, classical antiquity and conservative civilization during the old days.  Europe’s is rich in creative and unique kinds of handicraft which made them known in the world. Even antiques are well-known in Europe. The sought-after antiques and treasures today are most found in Europe and many antique collectors are living there.

The most famous antiques for sale ever collected in Europe even in other parts of the world up today were Victorian Antiques that existed during the year 1837 – 1901. Victorian antiques were named after Queen Victoria who reigned in England during that time. The Victorian furniture appears to be more feminine and delicate. With its classic and detailed designs (because most of Victorian antiques were handmade), many collectors find it not just a simple piece of wood, but it also an artistic craft.

Victorian Jewelries were also part of the glamorous Victorian Era. Jewelries were in a great demand during that time because of it symbolizes royalty and glamour. It was during the Romantic Period, Grand Period and Aesthetic Period of Victorian Era where jewelries became a hit. Today these jewelries were sold for high prices and being wanted by most of antique jewelry collectors. Some of the jewelries during this era can be seen in Louvre Museum in France.

Victorian Antiques are said to give personal adornment, which made it one of the most wanted antiques today. Aside from Victorian furniture, Victorian Arts and Fashion became also popular to eyes of the antique collectors. Many collectors believed that Victorian Era contributed a huge part in Europe’s civilization today.


Family is important

Many says that I am so blessed and lucky because I came from a wealthy and well-known family. And then I’ll ask myslef, am I really lucky? My father owns a multi-billion company and my mother is a diplomat. The good thing about being a son of the one of the most respected and famous personalities is that I get all the attention and sympathy I want, I can buy any material things that goes beyond my needs and people who have no idea of being like methinks I can do whatever I want to do. But afar from any luxury or good life that I can obtain because of my status is the fact that I would never have the chance to decide on my own.

Since I was a kid I already love arts particularly pottery. My grandfather has a collection of vases made from pottery that he used to collect since he was in his early adulthood. I’ve been smitten by pottery when I saw a particluar antique vase in my grandfather’s study room. I really admired the custom design of the vase, although its old, the vase is still appealing in the human eye. That day, I am sure that I like to learn pottery. I researched anything about pottery. Its history, origin, I invested on books about pottery, I even read about antique pottery  and I have kept pictures of products made from pottery that I had found from several pottery books. I started to make my own designs which made me love pottery more, I use to have a mini room inside my room where the vases I made are displayed.

When I was about to enter college, my father freaked out because I told him that I would not pursue management (the course he wants me to take up) instead, I am going to an art school abroad. He immdiately disagreed when I said to him my plans and even threaten me that he’ll never support me if I choose arts rather from what he wants. I know what he meant upon saying “he would not support me” it means he would not support me emotionally and financially. And there would be the possibility that he might never consider me as his son. Its very easy for my dad. He can do everything, he is like a God living here on earth. I understand him. I am the only one he’s counting to upon taking over his company someday. But I really can’t do what he wants. I do not want to fail him even more that is why I do not want to put myself where he wants me to be. I stand on my decision and left for abroad. I never heard anything from my father again. My grandfather is the one who helped me to study pottery there and after 5 years I become more skillful in pottery. I may not have any degree, I know I had made the right decision.

I came home expecting that my father is still mad at me. But I was surprised when he hugged me tight the moment I stepped in our house while saying “I miss you son”. He said that I am more important than any business he have and he would do anything just to have me back. I was really happy that my father had found it in his heart to forgive me. At least I don’t have any burden for disobeying him five years ago. It was a very memorable for both of us that I would not trade for anything in this world. Being away from home is a very hard, but knowing that you have a family who’s willing to support and care for you make worth it all.


The Enchantress

            Long time ago, somewhere in China, there was a lady named Chan Xai who practices witchcraft and wizardry. Every woman in their town envied her because she was known as the only lady who is being pursued and loved by every man there. Because of that, news had spread in their town that Chan Xai uses some kind of chant and potions to make men love her. Women in their town were left by their husband and sons for her. But Chan Xai never chose anybody of those men who had been smitten by her mystique charm.

            She was eighteen years old when she first fell in love. She met him at the market one morning when he helped her to carry the spices her grandmother asked her to buy. He is a well-built and handsome Chinese man. Chan Xai immediately felt something special for him the moment she saw him. Since then, they became friends, every Sunday they use to meet at the park where they spent time together until finally Chan Xai fell deeply in love with him. It was one winter night when they had a conversation at the park. He said that he cannot see her anymore because he was about to get married to a Chinese girl from a nearby town. Even before they met, he is in a fixed marriage arranged by his parents that is why he cannot continue his relationship with Chan Xai. That night, Chan Xai’s heart was broken into pieces. She just can’t accept the fact that they can never be together.

            Because of what happened in Chan Xai’s first love, she swore to herself that she would never fall in love to any man again. She thought that every man is the same like her first love so her heart longed for revenged. Her family is known to have some knowledge about witchcraft which they had inherited from their ancestors. Chan Xai asked her grandmother to teach her witchcraft and how to make potions that will make men fall in love for her. Her grandmother handed her an antique perfume placed in a porcelain bottle that came from the Chinese antique displayed in her grandmother’s room. She told Chan Xai that all she has to do is to spray the perfume in her body where every man who will get to smell her will fall in love with her easily. She was also taught how to make potion and the perfume. Chan Xai did what her grandmother told her to do, whenever she goes outside her house, she sprays the perfume that is why every man who smells her scent is hypnotized.

It was ten years ago. No one knows the real reason why she keeps on bewitching men in every town at their place. Chan Xai never intends to stop, not until she can mend her broken heart.

Jul. 10th, 2010


Purpose: what’s the essence?


Purpose: what’s the essence?


            Can you imagine a door without a key? A car without gasoline? A pen without ink? Transfer from ipod to computer without any software? Go from one plac to another without moving from the same place? All of those above mentioned will not function well without some certain thing that will be able for them to work right. Just like life. What would be the effect if life has no purpose? 

Life without a purpose

What would be the probable results if life is not centered with any dreams, aspirations, inspirations, ideals and goals? There are things what would happen to life without a purpose.

Am I worthless? How much I worth?

First thing, life seems to be insignificant. No value. No sense at all. You are just living in this world just for the sake of living. Your life is of no worth. A single centavo would even worth more than your life. That’s the reason why people out there are selling themselves because they think that’s only the worth of their lives. Too bad it may seems but isn’t it awkward to see people who are willing to give themselves for millions of dollars not to think that a single life is incomparable to any worth of money.

Futile? Why?

Secondly, life seems to be futile. You may be the richest person in this whole wide world, but it you’ll be futile if you are not able to handle those riches. You’ll be futile if you do not know how to manage your invested life, that life without a purpose.


"Utterly meaningless" - King Solomon

Third thing, life seems to be meaningless. No meaning. Not even a word that defines your life will be found in a dictionary. You will just live and eventually you’ll die at a certain period of time. That’s it, no meaning at all.


Life without a purpose is like an empty box.


Last, life seems to be empty. It contains nothing. You may have gathered up so many experiences and everything but in the end you’ll realize that they are all nothing. They are all imaginations, hallucinations and only seen in movies and dreams. Empty!

Life with a purpose

            Now, if life without a purpose is pretty scary and awful, what would be the directly opposite of it? Life with a purpose! There are certain keys for us to know about this.

You have a Purpose!

First, we must know that we have a purpose. Every life has its own purpose. Even the smallest creature has a purpose. We must know that we worth so much and we have a certain thing to do, a certain purpose to fulfill.


We are called to make disciples.

Second thing is that our purpose is to win souls and make disciples. For all, we know that Jesus came here on earth to be the price of all our sins. But to think what else He did here on earth, that is very easy, He made disciples of His to make disciples that will make disciples. It started with His 12, and then the story goes on. Christ Jesus has a mission here on earth, and we are to follow it, to be the commissioners, taking the great commission God has given us, as stated in Matthew 28:19.

You do not move backwards, nor sidewards, but forward. 

Third thing to remember is that we must never be fulfilled unless our purpose is fulfilled. Never stop! Go on! Keep moving forward. We must never stop, never hold back, and never give up winning this purpose in our lives.

Not yesterday, nor tomorrow, but today!

And lastly, we will fill that purpose today. Not yesterday, not even tomorrow, but today! Today is the start. Today is the new beginning of God’s plan in our lives. Keep focused on His plan for us, on our purpose in life, and we’ll always be winning and crown victors of every trials and problems that come our way.


Jun. 6th, 2010


Online Antique Mall: a better way to shop


In order for people to continuously remove themselves from the bond of loneliness and sadness, they try to find ways in order to entertain themselves. They sometimes go to the bars, hang out with friends, have pets to take care with, and have their hobbies such as collecting items of their own likes and wants.

    Set of collections: Collection of dolls, Collection of watches

People usually collect things which are usually the popular things to collect with. An example is a stuff toy. Many people are enjoying hugging and collecting stuff toys of all kind, especially teddy bears, because of their huggable features and wholesome and friendly characteristics.


One of the world's favorite collectibles: Teddybears

Since we are in the modern century, people nowadays usually collect technological items like cellular phones, computers, ipod, and a whole lot more. It’s very basic that people would want them because they are the items of the new generation. To be dealing with it, isn’t it funny that still, some people enjoy collecting things that are not usually been collected like antiques?

Technological items

Antique as Collection

              For some, collecting antiques is a hobby. They do this because they want to have items that are unique and rare, or unusual. Most of the antique items show some degree of craftsmanship. Usually, an antique item shows the culture and generally shows the true feelings of the people who made it. There are a lot of ways or methods one can use to get a hold of such antique items. He/she can go into an antique shop and purchase items that he/she thinks are of a high quality and are just suitable in terms of their interests. The only problem in going to antique shops/malls is that it has limited resources. If you are planning to go to different shops, it can literally eat up a lot of time. Looking and buying antique online or through the internet will be a good thing to do and it will not just save time but will also save energy. 

Antique Train Collection

Online Antique Mall


Antique Mall
vs. Online Antique Mall, which is better?

              Several reasons are stated why it is a very good thing buying antique online. First on the list is that you can go or visit different websites. By just going to an antique shop personally, it will be taking you so much time to go to other shops then. Meanwhile, you can visit different online antique shops simultaneously. Besides, there are a lot of various online antique shops that sell antiques there are waiting to be visited. Also, visiting these sites are for free, which means that you can go to other websites if you did not find there what you are looking for. 

               Secondly, it is also a good thing buying antique online because you know that they offer varieties or multiple sets of antique items. You can choose from Chinese antique to antique vase and pottery. There are some items which you will see on some shops out there. It is also good to visit antique shops across the country through online. And it is also possible that there are some
antiques for sale. You can almost see the most common antique to the rarest antique with online antique shops. Others conduct bidding or auctions if the item that they are selling is quite rare. 


From left to right: Chinese Antique, Antique Vase, Antique Pottery

Another thing, if you will buy an antique item/s on a local antique shop, you will have to carry the item/s and bring it to your house all by yourself. On the other hand, buying antique online will save you from all that trouble, the online antique shop will deliver the antique items straight to your house. This will save so much of your energy because you don't have to carry the item/s all the way to your home. Some of the online antique stores offer free delivery. However, there are cases that they charge delivery fees. This may happen if the location of your house is not that accessible. But in totality, this is a really good view to look at.

All in all, you can be really saving your time and energy from all the troubles when going to an antique shop personally by buying antique online, which shows it is the best solution that you can have. There are over a hundred of online antique mall where you can choose into a vast of different items. You can visit these shops at once which saves you time. These online shops offer varieties of antiques which will suit your taste. And, they will also deliver the item that you purchased.

Visit Antiques Republic, an online antique mall that provides a vast collection of antique suitable for your interests!